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Shuffle Tracking and Six Deck Blackjack

Known to many gamblers as a famous and alluring card game that is always featured in local and international casinos, blackjack can be played not just in formal settings but also in simple gatherings because this game only requires players to have single or several decks of cards to start a game. If players have the necessary number of decks of cards, they can instantly play the game. In addition, this game can be played even without the use of betting.

six-deck blackjack is one of the variations of the game that players can try at legal gambling facilities. The mechanics of playing this variation is basically the same with those that are followed or applied in traditional blackjack which enables gamblers to enjoy playing the game to the fullest. Hence, players need not to spend more time learning new rules and they can focus their attention on improving the skills that are important to beat the dealer and win in the game.

Card counting is the most famous skill in blackjack. However, there is another skill that players should master to enhance their chances in the game. This skill must be acquired by those who want to excel in six-deck blackjack. It surely helps them gain advantages over the dealer.

Card shuffling and shuffle tracking play important roles in the success or failure of players. Many six-deck blackjack players do not succeed because they do not have enough knowledge about card shuffling. Thus, it is necessary that players have a background on this skill before they engage in actual games to improve their chances of winning.

In six-deck blackjack, it is important that players look at how the dealer shuffles the cards. In addition, players should know when is a shuffle considered as a good or bad shuffle since their chances or odds in the game will be affected by how the dealer shuffles the decks of cards.

According to blackjack professionals, a good shuffle in six-deck blackjack is when the dealer divides or cuts the decks of cards in two equal proportion. It is significant that the dealer mix the decks well so players will not get the same set of cards again.

To avoid the occurrence of unbalanced shuffle, players should keep a look at the moves of the dealer. Unbalanced shuffle usually happens in casinos because it gives them advantages over gamblers. With previous knowledge on unbalanced shuffle, players will be able to improve their chances of winning in six-deck blackjack.

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