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Tracing the History of Six Deck Blackjack

Characterized by many players as a game that has helped many gamblers to increase their stakes, blackjack is very easy to play which is why it is considered by gambling experts as one of the prominent and famous games that can be played in casinos. The prominence of blackjack is not just felt in legal gambling establishments but also in informal gatherings. In this case, some gambling experts and blackjack professionals created variations of their favorite game.

six-deck blackjack is a kind of blackjack that follows the traditional rules of the game but uses more decks of cards. In this game, the dealer and players use six decks of cards in the blackjack table, which may have disadvantages and advantages. Since it has similarities with traditional blackjack, the basic elements of the games are also similar. Thus, the history of traditional blackjack plays significant role in tracing the history of six-deck blackjack.

According to blackjack professionals, traditional blackjack started in France during the 1700s. This appealing game is followed after an early card game that has been known to many gamblers as vingt-et-un or twenty-one when translated to the English language. The basic rules of vingt-et-un and blackjack are similar but they differ in the bonus system that they use. Unlike blackjack, vingt-et-un does not offer bonuses to players whose cards have a total value of 21.

The term "blackjack" originated when vingt-et-un was introduced to gambling facilities in the United States. Because vingt-et-un is still unpopular when it was brought to the country, casino operators and owners do not have a choice but to be creative and to develop different bonus systems that would get the attention of gamblers. One of the bonus system that have been implemented in the casinos is the 10 to 1 payout that will be given to players who get a black Jack, which is either a Jack of spades or clubs, and an ace of spades.

Since then black Jack became valuable to gamblers who play vingt-et-un. The bonus system became deeply associated with vingt-et-un that many players decided to call it as blackjack. Even if the particular bonus system is discarded in the game, the term "blackjack" remains in the memories of players.

The popularization of blackjack started in the United States. After several decades of its inception in the casinos in the country, travelers from the different regions of the world had the chance to play the game and brought its concept in their own places. Thus, different variations of blackjack are born.

Six-deck blackjack is created to increase the excitement that is felt by players every time they engage in traditional blackjack. With the use of six decks of cards in this variation, the chances of winning of players are decreased. Hence, the thrill that is felt by blackjack experts and players are enhanced. Since its creation, six-deck blackjack showed that many gamblers find it attractive. Today, six-deck blackjack is offered in many casinos from the different regions of the world. Above all, players should know that the history of traditional blackjack played an important role in the creation and present popularization of six-deck blackjack.

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